About Avatar Foods

We work and support our business partners to give our customers exclusive products. We take business fidelity to heart as we will never compromise our integrity and relationships by selling the same products to the competitor of our partners.

We always give 100% to offer ONLY the best product, the best distribution with the best prices. Our established network of top quality ingredient providers, state of the art factories and agents who work globally to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our customers are part of our family. We only give them the best. That’s why we are making healthy eating a family activity.

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We like to get fresh

We understand that our customers rely on our food knowledge and we are proud to stand by everything we create in our kitchen. We have made every effort to build our brand to reflect our message of good health. The more we learn as a company, the more we will share with our customers. We value high standards and commit ourselves to help our customers save money without sacrificing our products taste.

We use all natural Non-GMO ingredients with no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. Providing our customers with the best wholesale food on the market is our number one priority.

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